Q1 What does OFURO mean?
A1 OFURO is a Japanese word meaning Japanese Bath.

Q2 Are the products harmful to the skin?
A2 The products are very kind to your skin … but if you have abnormal skin problems you may want to consult your Doctor before using.

Q3 Are the products harmful if swallowed?
A3 If you accidently swallow the products, we suggest you drink a generous quantity of water and see your Doctor as soon as possible.

Q4 Will the product damage plumbing or my bath tub?
A4 The products are not harmful to your drain pipes nor is it harmful to the bath tub. In some cases you may notice a small deposit of residue or color on the tub after bathing. Simply wipe with a damp cloth and it will disappear.

Q5 Will the product cause any problems in a jacuzzi?
A5 You will not experience problems when using the product in a jacuzzi.

Q6 Will the product leave color spots on my towels?
A6 The OFURO products will not discolor your towels while drying off.

Q7 What is the recommended water temperature when using OFURO?
A7 A maximum temperature of 108 F is suggested … but please test the water temperature before entering the bath … if it appears to be too hot, add cool water.

Q8 What is the recommended time to stay in the OFURO bath?
A8 Up to 30 minutes … but stay as long as you like if you are enjoying the OFURO.

Q9 How long after purchase can I keep OFURO before using?
A9 We suggest you store the product in a dry location. Moisture can cause discoloration and degrade the fragrance of the product. The product will keep its color and fragrance for 3 years if the packet remains sealed.

Q10 How do I order OFURO?
A10 The OFURO Shopping Cart is currently under construction. We hope you have a wonderful shopping experience with OFURO.

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